BankruptcyBankruptcy On Your Mind?

You are here because you think you are Bankrupt.  You think you may need to File Bankruptcy. You know you need help but you don't know who or what you need. You don't even know what questions to ask. You need a Bankruptcy Attorney who will give you a Free Bankruptcy Consultation and help you solve your problems with Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

At Bankruptcy Lawyers we can explain how Filing Bankruptcy can help you solve your financial problems, including Foreclosure, Credit Card Debt, Garnishment, Abusive Debt Collection, Income Tax Debt, and Student Loan Problems. A Bankruptcy Lawyer can provide Bankruptcy Information about: 

- Personal Bankruptcy

- Business Bankruptcy

- Bankruptcy Laws

- Bankruptcy Means Test

- Declaring Bankruptcy

- How to File Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Help We Provide

Your creditors know how the game is played. You don't. The Bankruptcy Attorney in this office has over twenty five years of experience in this area of the law. He will make sure you get every benefit the law allows you. He can, and will, stop foreclosure, stop garnishments (and in certain instances get your money back), eliminate credit card debt, retrieve repossessed vehicles, and in limited situations eliminate income tax debt and student loan debt. In his initial meeting with you he will thoroughly explain the law to you. Upon retention he will provide you a written fee agreement. Chapter 7 Fees are lower than average and Chapter 13 cases are often filed with the client paying only the filing fee up front. An attorney will be with you in court and will explain the process to you at every step. You are in good hands here.

There is no need to suffer any longer. For additional information please contact me by telephone at (248) 432-1612 or Email Me For a Free Bankruptcy Consultation.

"This office is a Debt Relief Agency. If you retain this office for debt relief, bankruptcy may be filed to stop a foreclosure or an eviction."